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Attachment-Based Therapy

Furling fern represents attachment- based therapy to parents

Our earliest relationships with our parents or caregivers influence who we are, and how we interact with others for the rest of our lives. Connecting with our parents is as instinctual and fundamental, as our need to eat and sleep. A secure relationship or attachment to our parents allows us to develop our sense of our selves and shapes our personalities. How we get our needs met by our parents as children affects how we see and experience others and the world around us. Sometimes our early-attachment with our caregivers is not as positive or productive, as it could have been.

When we have relationship challenges, or are unhappy in general, we can examine these early-relationships to determine how we learned to connect or disconnect from others and what our system now needs to heal those ruptures inside ourselves. Therapy with me offers a safe place to explore these learned patterns, our old ways of relating and protecting and release what no longer serves us.

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