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Psychedelic Integration Support

Complex Representation of Psychedelic Integration Support

After a psychedelic experience, it’s not uncommon to feel flooded with information, overwhelmed by emotion, and have a lack of clarity around what to do next. Lasting healing and sustainable growth are the results of harvesting insights and experiences and practicing new, self-loving lifestyle choices. Support in psychedelic integration begins with preparation before the medicine experience, such as clarifying your intentions and getting permission from all your internal parts prior to your journey.

 After the journey, psychedelic integration is supported through an ongoing process of guided inquiry, empowering you to incorporate your increased awareness into actionable positive growth and catalyze meaningful bio-cellular changes. Integration means to make whole or to bring into wholeness. 

Having witnessed the power of psychedelic-assisted healing, I am passionate in advocating for further research and studies as well as greater understanding of the potential in exploring expanded states consciousness for lasting trauma healing. 

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